Amzak is a transcendent property developer. Incorporated in 2015, the company set out to be a role model in Real estate and Property management by adopting contemporary best practices to deliver broad range of services in the Housing and construction market. Inspired by the evolution of architecture and motivated by the need to set new benchmarks in building and construction world, Amzak team of professionals with over 15 years experience in the property market provides home owners and investors with unique experience by bringing contemporary building designs to fruition. As a tribute to excellence and the precision known to the world architecture, Amzak only choose from high-grade materials to executive projects. With Unlimited opportunities and lifetime returns in real estate development, Amzak works round the clock to make easy the formidable nature of the industry, thus, ensure a financially rewarding experience for our clients. It is also our culture to deliver extra services essential to maintain the exclusive and resilient structures under our watch. In every neighbourhood we work, we seek to leave a signature of unique and innovative designs that standout among other buildings, consequently igniting the pride and passion of our clients. Amzak strict adherence to ethical standards and global best practices has brought the company, staff and clients in harmony with eco-friendly practices. We build homes from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials while considering efficient use of naturals resources. Our Eco homes are healthy and green. In today’s world, it has become necessary for a progressing organisation to continuously be in tune with modern strategies. We deploy team of professionals from diverse background and disciplines to analyse and develop custom-made solutions to your construction needs. Our organisation aim to establish and maintain highest standards of integrity and customer satisfaction.



A distinguished graduate of business administration from University of Abuja with a masters degree in financial risk and operations from Glasgow University, Scotland. His experience in construction is vast, as he has managed several key positions in prominent construction companies.


A quantity surveyor with remarkable field experience, spent several years as Head of Department for a leading international construction company. Completed a Masters in Project Management at the Salford University, Manchester.


Civil Engineering graduate and professional. He has a profound knowledge of construction processes. Coupled with several years of experience, he undertook some of the best of construction projects in Abuja, and beyond.


One of the few young and brilliant minds in the building environment. His passion for record keeping is commendable by the management and colleagues.